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– A common remark I hear from clients is  “I used to play and want to get back to playing it again!” A piano that’s out of tune is really hard to appreciate, particularly if you’re playing it! And that applies to the listener, the amateur and the seasoned professional.  Worse, it’s actually harmful to the vital parts of the piano to neglect a tuning for extended periods of time.


– There are over 6,000 moving parts in a piano.  All of these must work together for your piano to play evenly and at its best for you. Regulating a piano doesn’t need to be done often, but it’s an investment in your instrument well worth making.


Bringing an old or damaged piano back to its original condition.


Sluggish, sound dull, too bright, just doesn’t feel right, too heavy, to light? Not you! Can’t help you there. But I can help your piano.  Your piano probably needs a technician to carefully inspect and make the necessary adjustments, lubrications, cleanings to the piano if it has been 10 or more years since it’s last reconditioning.


Humidity Control

Proper control of the humidity in your piano throughout the seasons is essential to a piano’s health and longevity. We are installers of the Dampp Chaser Piano Life Saver System.

What is it?


Whether you are considering selling your piano or simply need an evaluation for insurance purposes, Rhapsody Piano’s can help you.