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I have had a 40+ year relationship with the piano. Not just in front of the keys as a piano player, but in it, under it, around it…I grew up in Cincinnati, and looked in awe at the imposing Baldwin Piano Manufacturing building I passed daily on the bus going to school.  I was proud that we had such a prestigious piano company in our city.  I can still remember the Baldwin Hamilton I grew up with, right down to the music laying on the lid; The Great Songs of the  ’60’s, Helen Reddy, Theodore Bikel, the scores to Pippin, Fiddler… I remember that piano well. I vaguely remember it being tuned, but of course it was. My mother was a singer, classically trained, and could play the piano very well. She brought her pretty broad interest in music into my life from the start. I was her experiment. As a baby I was put in front of the old stereo/giant piece of furniture and awash in music, or so I’ve been told.

Did this predestine me for a career in the arts, particularly music? Probably.

Along the way to being a full time piano technician with a very large client list, I have a MM from Oberlin Conservatory, I’ve played piano professionally in countless performances, solo, with bands, in clubs, in theaters. There’s a serving of my music and some other interests here.